I'm not going to like that

Sometimes, my bath plughole gets blocked up with, I dunno, hair and soap goo. During these traumatic episodes, I pour a foul-smelling bottle of caustic chemicals down there, which seems to fix things. It's a thoroughly unpleasant experience from start to finish. Well, it's nice to have a fully draining bath again. But at no point do I desire to do this more often, orbe reminded of the experience inbetween times.

Now, I wouldn't want to dismiss the fine brand of plughole de-scummer that I use for this task. They are extremely good. I chose them because they were the cheapest and didn't look as toxic as the next one along the shelf.

But, dear Buster sink and plughole unblocker: I am never going to like you on Facebook.

In the interests of fair research, I did indeed take a look at the Buster Facebook page. Props to them for bagging the witty URL facebook.com/plugholes, incidentally. That's the category sewn up right there.

Well, it's been a hive of activity, with three posts since April.


The tone is reminiscent of the wonderful Shippam's Paste account on Twitter - except...real.

But the quality doesn't matter at all. What matters is: why is this brand on Facebook?

Who has deemed this a good use of marketing spend? Have they assessed that this creates loyalty from their frankly astonishing 1800 odd followers?

Frankly, there is no reason - none at all - for a sink unblocker to be on Facebook, except maybe, maybe to add humour and fun. And even then, it's a close call.

People can get their humour and fun from many places, and sink-unblocker--funded fun has the potential to be a very niche interest. Shippam's Paste/Arena Flowers style approach would be the only option.

And moreover, why spend marketing money on a little paper collar for your bottles to send people both to your website and to your social channels when they are 1. Barely maintained 2. Boring and 3. Really unlikely to contribute to sales for such a niche, distress, price driven purchase?

The last time I bought this brand, it was buy one, get one half price or some such. I remember having a spare in the cupboard for a while. Very handy.

When I next went to my local Tesco Metro in my next hour of blocked sink need, I was annoyed to find that they only had Mr Muscle and not this great, cheaper brand. Clearly, Buster is a good deal, a decent price and effective. Despite its sole purpose in life as a means to dissolve hair and scum, it does create loyalty by these means.

So surely any second spent on Facebook or Twitter here would be better spent on distribution, clever offers and other activity likely to increase sales in a market that is not looking to linger and chat.

This is a great brand that does everything you need a hair and sludge remover to do.

And none of those things involves a single second, a single penny spent on trying to remind people of drain goo on Facebook.