On leaving the house without your phone

Sometimes technology makes me feel like I'm participating in my own little focus group. If you're interested in technology and behaviour, it's hard not to occasionally look at your own behaviours and notice how they've changed. Due to what can only be described as an "iPhone screw up", yesterday, I had to leave the precious device updating while I went out - just for five minutes - to the shops. If you run your own business, you can't be long without a phone - but without updating it, I had no phone either. Prime chance to run to the Tesco Metro.

The first thing that struck me was that it was years - probably at least five years - since I'd been out of the house on my own without a phone.

It felt oddly liberating. But at the same time, in that quick dash to my local shop, I found myself reaching for the non-existent phone at least several times - but none of them were to call people. I wanted to check a dinner plan with my other half. "I'll just drop him a What's App... oh, no. I won't. "

Then I wanted to check the diet points value of a certain item. Oh yes, the app for that.... is on my phone.

I remembered I'd made a shopping list two days ago. While I was in the shop I thought I'd see if there was anything else we needed... was it foil, or washing up liquid...? The note was... of the virtual kind. On my phone.

It might be called an iPhone, but phoning anyone, at least while out of the house, is the least of it.