Thought for the day

On talking to a very well-respected planner, currently working in a very start up agency, I mentioned that they didn't have a lot of work on their website. His answer:

"We haven't got a 'proper website' because we've, honestly, we've been too busy to make one. So I think, right now, we don't need one. To be honest, I hope we never do."

I've thought about this a lot since. A website is a marketing tool, the same as any other. If you don't need more than an email address and a phone number, then why bother? Devote your time to doing more brilliant work for your clients and get your business that way. Make sense, even if it took me a while to work out how I felt about it.

My instinct is to mostly agree - but fear stops me from doing the same. When you've got a name to make, a small website helps people understand what that name means.

A similar thought crosses my mind when I come across PR folk that live to blog, tweet, share and stream their lives. Where do the clients fit in?

It's unusual to write about this as someone that does PR for creative and marketing sector businesses. I spend a lot of time helping clients to develop ideas and thinking, and helping to produce these ideas in the best way possible. My best ideas, rightfully, go to the clients.

Doesn't make for a great blog here, I'm afraid. But if I were blogging three times a day, as a start up business, that would look a hell of a lot worse.