"You're the only one who replied..."

Earlier this week, a journalist got in touch specifically to ask a client to comment on an issue in the news. We gave it some consideration, decided it wasn't one for us. Then emailed the journalist back to say so, and to thank him for thinking of us. 

I got a reply to thank me for declining - in which he said I was the only person who had replied at all. Even to decline. 

What. The. Hell. 

PRs still complain, all the time, that their press releases get ignored; that journalists aren't interested in meeting their client, that their brilliant story can't get any traction.

Do these same people ignore journalists? 

Thankfully, I don't personally know any PRs who do. But clearly, they still very much exist.

If you work in PR, you must know you're always fighting an uphill battle against the general perception that PR is awful. Clearly, some peoples' experience of PR is that it really IS awful. 

It should be all of our responsibilities to try, all the time, to counteract this. 

Not with annoying 'Well Howdy there, Jonesy' email greetings, or by being needlessly chirpy. Don't waste busy journalists' time. 

I can't believe this needs saying.

Be relevant, be helpful. Obviously. And get some bloody manners.