Today, writing is a critical part of the job for almost everyone in a business. If you have a content strategy, or want to develop one, you will likely to be looking to your staff and colleagues to participate and create. 

The thing is - writing isn't always that easy. Some people lack confidence, some feel they lack ability. And so it often gets pushed down the 'to-do' list. 

Waterfall provides bespoke in-house writing training to firms of all sizes. Whether you need one-on-one training with a managing director, or a series of sessions to bring all your staff up to speed, we can help. 

Waterfall is run by a former journalist, Claire, with experience of writing for everything from trade to national press. As a PR, she has ghostwritten everything from share-worthy opinion pieces to academic journal articles.

Because our sessions are developed for each client, we take the time to understand your audience and deliver training that will really work.